What is Assort?


Assort is an all-in-one app that makes Slack more convenient.

It uses Slack's API to promote operational efficiency. Developed with the belief that "Slack is the hub for digital transformation," it features the following characteristics:

  • Many tasks can be completed within Slack, eliminating the need to open multiple tabs.

  • The management screen allows Slack login, simplifying employee ID management.

  • Appropriate Slack notifications are sent, improving response speed compared to email notifications.

What Assort Can Do:

  • AI chat using ChatGPT

  • Voting and internal surveys

  • Attendance management for employees, part-timers, and contract workers

  • Internal Q&A for knowledge management

  • Centralized management of internal terminology

Assort has published a roadmap and plans to add many more features in the future. Assort aims to eventually become an all-in-one tool, allowing most tasks to be performed in Slack. Contracting multiple SaaS services is not desirable as it incurs significant financial and operational costs. One of Assort's goals is to replace many SaaS services.

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